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New Adult Fiction Coming to the Library

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ANDREWS, Mary Kay                                The Homewreckers

ANTHONY, Piers                                          SIX CRYSTAL PRINCESSES

ANTHONY, Piers                                           A Tryst of Fate

BALDACCI, David                                       Dream Town

BERRY, Steve                                                THE OMEGA FACTOR

BOX, C.J.                                                           Shadows Reel

BROWN, Dale                                                COUNTDOWN TO MIDNIGHT

BRUNSTETTER, Wanda                          The Sugarcreek Surprise

BROWN, Rita Mae                                       Thrill of the Hunt

BUNN, Davis                                                  Emerald Tide

BURCELL, Robin                                          The Serpent's Eye

BURKE, James                                               EVERY CLOAK ROLLED IN BLOOD

CAMDEN, Elizabeth                                  WRITTEN ON THE WIND

CARLSON, Melody                                      Looking for Leroy

CARR, Caleb                                                    The Alienist at Armageddon

CARR, Robyn                                                 A Family Affair

COBEN, Harlan                                            The Match

COYLE, Cleo                                                    Honey Roasted

CROSBY, Ellen                                              Bitter Roots

DAILEY, Janet                                                Calder Grit

DAILEY, Janet                                                Hope Creek

DEMILLE, Nelson                                        The Maze

DEVERAUX, Jude                                         A Relative Murder

EVANOVICH, Janet                                    The Revcovery Agent 

FISHER, Suzanne                                        THE SWEET LIFE

FLUKE, Joanne                                              Caramel Pecan Roll Murder

GRIFFIN, W.E.B.                                            The Attack 

GUNDENKAUF, Heather                        The Overnight Guest

HEDLUND, Jody                                           TO TAME A COWBOY

HILLERMAN, Anne                                    The Sacred Bridge

HUNT, Angela                                               THE APOSTLE’S SISTER

ILES, Greg                                                        SOUTHERN MAN

JANCE, Judith                                                 Nothing to Lose

JENKINS, Jerry                                               Dead Sea Conspiracy 

JOHANSEN, Iris                                            A FACE TO DIE FOR

KARP, Marshall                                              SNOWSTORM IN AUGUST

KELLERMAN, Jonathan                            City of the Dead

KENEALLY, Thomas                                    The Dickens Boy

KING, Stephen                                               Gwendy's Final Task

KINGSBURY, Karen                                     The Baxters

LARSEN, Ward                                               Assassin's Edge

LESCROART, John                                        The Missing Piece

LLOYD, Catherine                                         MISS MORTON AND THE ENGLISH HOUSE PARTY MURDER

MALLERY, Susan                                          THE BOARDWALK BOOKSHOP

MALLERY, Susan                                           The Summer Getaway

MANDEL, Emily St. John                          Sea of Tranquility

MARGOLIN, Phillip                                      The Darkest Place

MCNAUGHT, Judith                                     The Sweetest Thing

MELTZER, Brad                                             The Lightning Rod

MICHAELS, Fern                                           Fear Thy Neighbor

MICHAELS, Fern                                          SECRETS

MILLER, Linda Lael                                     Country Born

MYERS, Tamar                                               Death by Tart Attack

NOVAK, Brenda                                            Summer on the Island

OKE, Janette                                                   UNFAILING LOVE

PARETSKY, Sara                                            Overboard

PATTERSON, James                                     Death of the Black Widow

PATTERSON, James                                     Run, Rose, Run

PATTERSON, James                                     Steal

PATTERSON, James                                     22 Seconds

PERRY, Anne                                                   Three Debts Paid

PETERSON, Tracie                                        Along the Rio Grande

PETERSON, Tracie                                        Ever Constant

 QUICK, Amanda                                           When She Dreams

 RICE, Christopher                                        Decimate

RICE, Luanne                                                 LAST NIGHT

 RINGO, John                                                  Into the Real

RIVERS, Francine                                         The Lady's Mine

ROBB, J.D.                                                          Abandoned in Death

ROBERTS, Nora                                            NIGHTWORK

ROLLINS, James                                           Kingdom of Bones 

SANDFORD, John                                         The Investigator

SCOTTOLINE, Lisa                                       What Happened to the Bennetts

SMITH, Wilbur                                               Storm Tide

STEEL, Danielle                                             Beautiful

STEEL, Danielle                                             High Stakes

STOCKWIN, Julian                                        Thunderer

THAYER, Nancy                                           Summer Love

TRIGIANI, Adriana                                     The Good Left Undone

TYLER, Anne                                                  French Braid 

VAN LUSTBADER, Eric                              OMEGA RULES

WEAVER, Ashley                                          The Key to Deceit

WEBER, David                                               A Call to Insurrection

WISEMAN, Beth                                           The Bookseller's Promise

WITEMEYER, Karen                                    IN HONOR’S DEFENSE

WOODS, Stuart                                              A Safe House

YOUNG, Tom                                                  Red Burning Sky